Naughty Paige

First Impressions

Naughty Paige is youthful with a tight body and perky breasts. That´s always a great quality for a solo model to have. It makes for far more entertaining picture galleries and videos. She´s nicely tanned with the perfect figure and an ass to die for. Her eyes are big and expressive and they´ll give you the feeling that she´s sweet and innocent while she models hot lingerie and proves that she´s not. The tour details the kinds of outfits she likes to pose in and they´re all arousing so it should be a rollicking good time inside.

Hot Promises

Naughty Paige details what she likes to wear and what you´ll find inside her site on the tour and it looks awfully good. She´s fond of bikinis and you can see six preview shots. She loves lingerie and gets off on teasing. She has a great ass and shows it off whenever the chance arises. She also promises you exclusive wallpapers, autographed pictures of her and her friends and regular updates. There´s a mention of you getting her personal email address too and that would be a cool way to get to know her a little better and perhaps make some requests for anything you really desire.


The hottest picture gallery (as defined by number of views, I assume) at Naughty Paige starts with the sexy brunette wearing a dark fur coat and staring into the camera with those big brown eyes wide open. You know there´s something tasty under there and when she pulls it open you´re looking at a gorgeous teddy (that´s a type of lingerie for those that might be confused, not a stuffed bear). It´s sexy with parts in sheer black and others in a shiny purple material. There are 75 pictures of her posing on the couch in that getup and the fur coat really adds a lot to it. It makes everything more elegant.

Naughty Paige is a non-nude model with small natural breasts, straight brown hair that falls just past her shoulders, big brown eyes full of sweetness and innocence and a hot ass. She has everything going for her physically and that´s why she´s modeling online. If you´re looking for nudity you´ll have to look elsewhere though. The best you´ll do is a little cleavage and her hot ass in a thong. That´s only a negative if it bugs you though. Non-nude girls can be just as sexy as their nude counterparts. What are you into?

The image galleries typically have 50-100 shots each and can be browsed in typical thumbnailed galleries. You get control over how big you want the thumbs to be and the full sized pictures are 1600px. They can be downloaded in a zip file. The videos come in WMV and can be streamed or downloaded. They play at 640x480 and 1000kbps and they look just about average. If the lighting is poor then they´re below average because it´s hard to get a clear look at her.

Naughty Paige was launched way back in 2006, making it four years old now. There are 47 picture galleries and 18 videos in the member´s area. On the home page the dates indicate that new content is being added 1-2 times a week. Obviously that´s not true. They just pull content off the back end and then add it as new. I presume they hold it for a month or two to make it seem brand new to the fresh members. It´s a little too deceptive for my tastes. The site won´t be getting bigger than its current size and the content lacks the fresh feeling that comes from something being shot with modern cameras.

That being said, there´s still some value here. If you visit the tour and you respond to the beauty of Naughty Paige then you´re going to have a good time in her member´s area. I was pleased that she´s done a fair number of lingerie picture galleries to provide variety. My favorite shows her in a white lace basque with matching panties. It´s a spectacularly sexy piece of lingerie and it´s a little bit sheer so you can almost make out her nipples. There are several other sets where she wears lacy, sexy stuff to arouse your brain and make you hard.

There´s one picture gallery where you can get a look at her nipples. It´s a bikini set and the suit is tiny and sheer. It´s probably meant as lingerie only. You can see her naked nips through the material and that´s as naked as she gets. When you´ve been looking at her in non-nude sets it ends up feeling like a this amazing treat, which is actually kind of cool.

The young model is also fond of outfits in the cute teen style. Typically they consist of a cute t-shirt and bottoms in the form of a skirt, panties or denim. It´s really simple stuff but that doesn´t make it bad. She´s a perfect model for that sort of cute tease content. She always makes sure to show off her ass in whatever she´s wearing and it´s a great butt so she looks damn good.

The videos are a little lazy. They´re generally just filmed versions of her photo shoots and when you consider that a typical video on a solo girl site like this is 5-10 minutes long she´s basically telling you that it wasn´t worth that time to make a video where she exclusively concentrates on the camera and on you. Instead you see her sitting still while the flash goes and the photographer captures a shot. It´s fun to see her body in action but it´s nowhere near as arousing as a girl who gives everything she has to entertaining her audience. It´s likely that the folks behind the site weren´t willing to pay Paige to make the extra effort and you end up suffering because of it.

There´s a link to a form where you can send Paige and email but if someone answers it you can be completely certain that it´s not her. She has long since abandoned this site. There are 15 extra galleries that star friends of Paige and those girls are sexy with great bodies so it´s fun checking them out. The link to webcams is just an ad so ignore that if you join. The three bonus sites are a helpful boost to the Naughty Paige´s value. There´s an Asian solo girl, an alternative type of girl and a candid site featuring pictures of girls with hot asses in public. None of the sites are still updated but they´re sexy nonetheless.

Croco´s Opinion

Naughty Paige is young and awfully pretty and she uses that to her advantage on her non-nude site. She has nice little tits, gorgeous eyes and a tight ass and you´ll see all of it in hot lingerie sets and cute outfits. She poses with pleasure but her site hasn´t been genuinely updated in years and it´s limited to roughly 47 picture galleries and 18 videos (sometimes those numbers fluctuate but Paige hasn´t shot new content in a long time). Her videos are just filmed versions of the photo shoots and as such they´re decidedly unexciting. It´s a small site and it seemingly lacks the effort and commitment of better solo girl destinations. If you really like Paige´s look then it´s worth a month to check her out and delve into the bonus sites.


Navigating the member´s area is a breeze. More info on the movies would be appreciated though.

Pricing Policy

They ask $24.95 for a 30 day membership and $65.95 for a 90 day membership.

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